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Maldives Tourism- Maldives, an exotic paradise endorsing many enchanting tourist spots that are worth exploring! Travel to Maldives and experience the magic of the enchanting abode.
Maldives Maldives Maldives
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Maldives MaldivesMaldives

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Maldives Tourism
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Maldives, with its numerous sun kissed beaches and deep blue seas, is an ideal honeymoon destination
Maldives is irresistible- you only need to indulge in order to experience.

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As you land on one of these resorts you will feel as if you have set foot on the Elysian Fields. Enjoy a walk along the sun kissed tropical beaches facing the shimmering blue waters of the sea or simply bask in the sun. The island is meant just for you, for a single resort occupies an entire island. The resorts, with semi-detached bungalows built around the island and along the lagoons, are equipped with restaurants, bars, centralized swimming pools and even gymnasiums. Altogether 72 islands have been maintained as special resort islands and you will be surprised to find that the only inhabitants in these islands other than the tourists are the resort staff. Your dream holiday comes full circle in these elegant island resorts.

The World of Water Sports
The resorts offer a slew of sports activities. While all of them offer diving and snorkelling, some even run windsurfing schools with qualified instructors. A number of resorts offer, as a rule, only non-motorised sports in order to maintain the peaceful ambience. But there are many others where you are free to test your skills in water skiing, jet skiing, para-sailing, body surfing et al.

In some resorts you can savour the romance of sunset sailings or undertake excursion trips and island hoppings in old world boats like catamarans or else in "dhonis".