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Maldives, with its numerous sun kissed beaches and deep blue seas, is an ideal honeymoon destination
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It maybe that you have never heard about surfing in Maldives, for it is a relatively new surfing destination. But nonetheless, it is as good as other destinations around the world- packed with fun and adventure. The waves around some of the island resorts on the atoll edge provide fabulous avenues for surfing. Some resorts offer regular boat trips to the surf breaks, however it would be wise for you to have a beforehand checkout. Another good option could be the surfing cruises. You can relish some of the less known surf spots away from Male’.

The Season of Surfing
The best season for an ideal surf is the Southwest monsoons, i.e. between the months of May and October. During this season the sea offers fairly high rising waves which will put your skills to test and sate your hunger.

Spots for Surfing
The dare devils can unleash their surfing skills here :

This is an uninhabited island on the eastern reef of North Male’ Atoll. A good place for speed surfing. You will need a long, excellent left-hander that has two sections. A pleasant thin, peeling, racing lip. Best winds are NW-NNE (offshore). Access by boat.

Located in the eastern reef of North Male’ Atoll, it provides you with a short but intense ride. A steep barrelling takeoff is followed by a very shallow inside section that opens up even more than the takeoff. Here, surfing is best on mid to high tide. Ideal on a straight south swell and winds NW. Access by boat.

It is near the Lohifushi Island Resort in the eastern reef of North Male’ Atoll. Here, you need a good and hollow left-hander with two sections. Surfing is best during NW-NE offshore winds. Access is provided from the resort by boats.

Piddlies / Ninjas

The favourite haunt of the Japanese surfers, it is near the Kanifinolhu Resort in the eastern Reef of North Male’ Atoll. It is a good spot for beginners and long-boarders. Works best on W-NW winds with a moderate S swell.

Apart from these you can check out other surfing spots Pasta Point which offers rides upto 100 yards long. The eastern reef of the North Male Island have other spots like Honky’s and Tomb Stones which are as good as the others. The Male’ Island Point can be accessed from the shore itself.

The eastern reef of the Soputh Male’ Atoll have some great surfing sites like Gurus, Quarters, Kate’s, Natives and Riptides where you can challenge the ocean.