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Maldives Tourism- Maldives, an exotic paradise endorsing many enchanting tourist spots that are worth exploring! Travel to Maldives and experience the magic of the enchanting abode.
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Maldives, with its numerous sun kissed beaches and deep blue seas, is an ideal honeymoon destination
Maldives is irresistible- you only need to indulge in order to experience.

Take your sweetheart to these pearls scattered in the heart of the Indian Ocean. With its numerous sun kissed beaches, deep blue seas, azure skies and tropical palms, Maldives is an ideal honeymoon destination. Get pampered as you lie leisurely in one of the beach resorts, dance to live music or attend a beach barbecue. If you need action, surf or dive in the tranquil waters of the sea. The ideal season for the honeymooners is December to March. Tourist activity reaches soaring heights around the Christmas-New Year week. Owing to the rush of tourists it will be wise enough for you to book your tour in advance. Enjoy virtual tour of Maldives in this photo / picture gallery.
Honeymoon In Maldives Maldives Resorts
Maldives Resorts Maldives Resorts
Maldives Resorts Maldives Resorts