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Maldives Tourism- Maldives, an exotic paradise endorsing many enchanting tourist spots that are worth exploring! Travel to Maldives and experience the magic of the enchanting abode.
Maldives Maldives Maldives
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Maldives MaldivesMaldives
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Fishing In Maldives

Maldives Tourism

Maldives, with its numerous sun kissed beaches and deep blue seas, is an ideal honeymoon destination
Maldives is irresistible- you only need to indulge in order to experience.


If you have a fetish for fishing, you don’t have to think twice. Grab a fishing rod, get into a dhoni and off you go! In Maldives you are on the loose. The islands offer the best opportunities for the fishing buffs. Get off your bed early in the morning and head for the sea- you will be delighted at your catch- baracudas, tunas, dolphin fishes, rainbow runners, jacks, trevallies and many more.

What the resorts offer
Even if you are not satiated with your catch kitty you still don’t have to worry. All resorts provide facilities for big game fishing. They provide speedboats and modern fishing equipment like international fish rods and fish finders along with an experienced crew. And it is not at all necessary for you to be an expert in fishing, the boat crew is there to make things easy for you- you are assured of making a good and fun catch.

Fishing Hours
For catches like little tuna, dolphin fish, rainbow runner, jack, trevally and barracuda morning is the best time. Morning fishing begins at dawn.

Night Fishing - Tourists’ delight
It is night fishing which fascinates most of the visitors. If you are on the look out for groupers, snappers, emperors, jacks, squirrel fish, barracuda and other reef fish you must have a taste of night fishing in Maldives. At the end of the trip when you are back to the shore you savour your catch on a barbecue grill on the beach.

The use of harpoon guns and hunting of marine mammals such as whales and dolphins and large fishes like the whale shark is strictly prohibited.